Flower Carvings

Flower carvings done to learn the principles of relief carving and carving tools. One is a high-relief flower with two leaves and the other is a simple flower head.

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I have taken a class in wood carving. As my first few projects, I was assigned to create relief carvings of flowers. Here the process of making these first few carvings are documented.


Although the full flower was begun intially, the simple flower head was completed first.

Wood block with layout sketch
The initial sketch for the flower head
A relief carving of a flower head
The box assembled and glued

The high-relief flower with stem and two leaves;

Wood carving of a flower
The initial stock removal, mostly done with a saw
Wood carving of a flower
The stem was chiseled down to the desired height and the petals were shaped
Wood carving of a flower
The entire stem area was brought down to the correct height and the dome had begun to be shaped
Wood carving of a flower
The stem and dome were rounded and the leaves were gouged
Wood carving of a flower
The leaves were veined and the carving was under-cut

These carvings turned out well as a first project. Using pine sleepers as material presented a challenge with tear-out and cracks, but it has taught me to navigate unpredictable situations in carving.