Woodworking Projects

Woodworking projects with detailed processes and plans. The stages of each project is explored in a design folio style.

Project Plans

Japanese Style Woodwork Jigs

A Japanese planing board, mitre jig and two saw ponies. the mitre jig is a simple block for chiseling. The planing board has a mitre shooting board on its underside for creating full-blind dovetail joints.

Stage: Completed - 25th April 2020

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Upholstered Stool

An upholstered stool with a storage compartment. Low-set for sitting and reading.

Stage: Completed - 18th May 2020

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Mini Projects

A vernier caliper logo

Budget Cutting Gauge

A re-purposed marking gauge to use a blade instead of a pin


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Krenov 42mm plane

A Krenov plane with a 42mm opening to suit a block plane blade


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Flower Carvings

Flower relief carvings made to learn wood carving