Getting Focused

Focus Toolkits


The addon is delivered in a full complement of categorised pie menus to create a distraction-free environment. The pie menus span across multiple editors in Blender and contains both default functions and panels as well as special Focus functions. These pie menus can be individually turned off to suit your workflow and preference.


Focus contains edit-mode and object-mode tools to speed up your modeling and workflow. Including custom mesh, object adding, modifier, rigging and asset management functions. These range from mesh tool utilities to fast boolean operations to separate popups for kitbashing.

Substance Painter Integration

Focus' material, uv and vertex color tools have been built from the ground up with Substance Painter in mind. Instantly create ID Maps, UV Atlases and Texture sets using simple Focus operations. With instant exporting and a plug'n'play Substance Shader, Blender integration is easier than ever.

Addon Keymap

Most of these menus are called from within the 3D view. Some like the UV, VSE and Node view tools are only available in their respective editors. It should also be noted that some menus have context requirements, i.e. an object must be in the scene and selected for the pie menu to appear correctly.

UX Toolkit

Pie Menu Context Keymap
Animation General 3D View Shift+Space
Apply General 3D View Ctrl+A
Brush Tools Sculpt Mode A
Cursor General 3D View Shift+S
Editor Switch Anywhere in Blender Ctrl+Alt+S
Main Properties General 3D View P
Mode Switch Active Object Ctrl+Tab
Node Editor Tools Node Editor N
Origin General 3D View Shift+Alt+C
Rigidbody General 3D View Ctrl+R
Save/Open General 3D View Ctrl+S
Sculpt Brushes Sculpt Mode W
Select General 3D View A
Shading General 3D View Z
Snap Element General 3D View Shift+Tab
Toolshelf General 3D View T
UV/Image Editor Tools UV/Image Editor N
VSE Tools Video Sequence Editor N
View Tools General 3D View N
Viewport Gizmos General 3D View Ctrl+Space

Modelling Toolkit

Pie Menu Context Keymap
Add Object General 3D View Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A
Bridge/Merge Edit Mode M
Edit Align Edit Mode Alt+X
Edit Delete Edit Mode X
Edit Mode Select Edit Mode Ctrl+Shift+C
Focus General 3D View F
Hide General 3D View H
Mesh Edges Edit Mode Ctrl+E
Mesh Faces Edit Mode Ctrl+F
Mesh Options Edit Mode Alt+C
Mesh Tools Edit Mode Ctrl+Shift+X
Mesh Vertices Edit Mode Ctrl+V
Proportional Edit General 3D View O

Substance Toolkit

Pie Menu Context Keymap
Materials General 3D View Ctrl+Shift+V
UV Unwrap Edit Mode U