Focus 1.0.7 Reference Manual

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This manual can be accessed offline using the HTML files in the "Manual" folder shipped with the addon.

Power to the Artist

Focus is an interface addon for Blender 2.8, providing an immersive environment for 3D work. Replacing panels and docked editors with pie menus, the new interface is simple and distraction-free, just you, and the art

The addon is split into three main categories, the UX Toolkit, Modelling Toolkit and the Substance Toolkit. Each one is a collection of pie menus catering to that workflow. The UX Toolkit is for general Blender functions and navigation, the Modelling toolkit for specialised mesh and modifier menus and functions, with the Substance Toolkit containing functions and menus for Substance Painter integration with Blender.

Installation Instructions

  1. In Blender, go to Edit -> Preferences in the top bar
  2. Switch to the Addons tab and click Install
  3. Navigate to the downloaded zip file, select it and click Install
  4. Enable the add-on by ticking the check box next to the add-on's name
  5. [Optional] Set the paths for your HDRI library, kitbash library and Substance Painter program
  6. Either click Enable All, or click a combination of the menu categories and individual pie menus to register them
  7. To use the Kitbashing or Substance Integration features fully, the Save/Open menu in the UX Toolkit will need to be enabled
  8. Click Save Preferences
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